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With over 30 years experience in the Aviation industry by our staff, SkyShot Air Cam is a cost-effective CAA licensed, aerial filming & photography specialists, we can fly up to 400 feet above ground level using remote-controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (drones) in industries including: Construction and Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Roof and building inspections, Communication towers and wind turbine inspections, Solar farms ,boot camp aerial filming, social events and many more.

Our pilots are BNUC-S qualified and CAA approved and fully insured with public liability and adhere strictly to guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of the public, crew, buildings and all parties concerned.

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to manned aircraft that can meet you and your organization’s aerial imaging and videography needs? If so, turn to us at Sky Shot. We provides a variety of imaging options such as: 3D and 2D ortho mosaics, aerial surveying, inspections, GIS and CAD maps, and HD videos and photos.

To ensure we provide you with a Top-Quality service, you can be the co-director! You can view the same image as the camera operator, maintaining a safe distance from the UAV. You can then direct the camera operator to capture the exact image or area of interest you want.

What Clients Say

“There are times in the construction trade where roof inspections are required to be able to plan on how to move forward with a project. Aerial photography and video is always a great to have, as the cameras can capture images and tight angles. The SkyShot crew are exceptionally efficient and courteous. Always able to work on a tight deadline, as well as go the extra mile to make sure our expectations are met. Quality Company to work with.
“ SkyShotAirCam has always been the company of choice when we need aerial shots for our web designing projects. We were highly impressed with the range of their images together with their quality, resulting in our clients recommending their work to their contacts. It has been a pleasing pleasure to work with them.
“ SkyShotAirCam have become our number one choice for aerial photography for our outdoor rebounding events and classes. Approachable and knowledgeable, and the finished product is always of the highest possible standard.
“SkyShotAirCam provides a very efficient and professional service.  They are extremely helpful and are always ready to deliver expert advice on often challenging projects.  We use both their still aerial image and video photography services to cover the weddings and events that we plan. Always delighted with finished product.
“We have been using SkyShotAirCam for our property business, and they are the only company that we feel confident in using for the provision of aerial photography. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience is vital in supplying our company with high quality aerial photography that we use in the commercial property brochures and websites we design on behalf of our clients.
“ SkyShotAirCam have been valued sponsors and supporters of our boot camps and our fitness gatherings. As the event organiser, MaXimus Life was very impressed with the level of professionalism and safety awareness demonstrated by the SkyShot crew in taking aerial videos and still shots. We look forward to working with SkyShotAirCam for many future events. 
A great local company!
“ SkyShotAirCam provided an excellent professional service for our recent land development project. The landscape of the area was an uneven ground with a considerable woody cover that affected the line-of-sight for our field mappers on the ground. These factors conspire to make 100% observation of the land impossible from public access roadways.  Our project required a complete mapping coverage product for the development to proceed. The SkyShot team were able to deploy their drones to capture aerial images where needed with their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system very efficiently to meet our project needs.  Thanks to their efforts, we quickly augmented our extensive ground-truth observation collection to create a complete map for the project.

Meet Our Pilot

Steve Hillbourne
senior Drone Pilot

As a licensed CAA drone Pilot, Aircraft fuel technician and enthusiast of all things that fly (and even some that probably shouldn’t), Steve has taken to the skies with special purpose commercial UAV’s and masterminded SkyShotAirCam.

His vision was to provide a high-standard service across multiple industries that addressed the need for safe, effective low altitude, high-definition images and video. From a quick overview of a project site such as the construction of a home to the detailed inspection of a wind turbine blade, Steve realized there were almost no limits to the benefits of using today’s UAV technology to solve tomorrows problems.

CAA As a devoted father and husband, Steve enjoys spending time traveling, flying drones, keeping fit and cooking for his family. His dream is to one day orbit the Earth.

What We Offer

  • Aerial Photography With permissions for aerial work granted by the CAA, we offer a customised UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) aerial photography packages for customers across a wide range of sectors. Aerial photography is much more affordable and less time consuming and can capture images that cannot be captured by a photographer in a manned aircraft ... more
  • Time Lapse Photography We provide time-lapse photography to record, highlight and document progress. This is done by compressing hours, days or months into a few minutes' worth of footage to paint a picture of the progress made over a period of time. With out high resolution cameras fixed to our UAV’s, we can help you capture and record the progress of your project at specific time intervals. more
  • 360 Panorama With our 360 panorama service, we are able to give our clients a unique 360 panorama perspective of any given site or area. With the helpof the high resolution cameras fixed on our drones, we create a 360 degree view of any given area which customers can interact with online or by using the gyroscope sensors on their tablet or smart.

  • Drone Aerial Filming An affordable alternative to helicopters and manned aircraft, our drones are quicker to deploy and can work in smaller spaces and capture images from angles that may be otherwise impossible to capture by other means, allowing you to get closer to the subject. During filming, all the footage from above can be viewed on the ground in real time ... more
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Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
0800 634 7429 / 0330 040 0297

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