Planning Permission and Insurance Restricted airspace requiring CAA approval

Planning Permission and Insurance

As a licensed operator of UAV’s Sky Shot Air Cam is governed/regulated by the CAA. This means that we have to operate within their rules as well as meet the high standards of flying our drones set by them. This requires us to first of all, seek permission of the landowner to land and take off.

We would then require a full/detailed brief of what the client is looking to achieve and whether or not their expectations are possible and safe. We would also need to put into consideration legal boundaries and restrictions set by our governing body (CAA). Before a filming operation begins, we would require detailed information on


LOCATION: We would need the exact location or postcode(s) for filming or photography.

PROPOSED DATE: With our filming operations weather dependent, we would need to first and formose put that into consideration. We would then together with the client, agree on the date and approximate time to begin filming.

SUBJECT: The subject or the theme of the filming will help us set the scene so we can advice and make strategic recommendations on the whole project.

Once all the above points have been addressed, we will then advise on the next plan of action from a possibility and permission view point. We will then conduct a  PRE-FLIGHT SURVEY looking into the area where the shooting is to take place to advice on other factors that may potentially arise or put into consideration.


Sky Shot Air Cam holds a full public liability insurance. There are occasions where special permission may be needed from the CAA. Ie When undertaking a shoot in Central London or other restricted zones. With our flying permission licence, we are able to make the necessary applications on behalf f the client to make sure the filming operation runs smoothly without any adverse legal implications. Before any shoot, Skyvantage will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft.


As a licensed CAA drone Pilot, Aircraft fuel technician and enthusiast of all things that fly (and even some that probably shouldn’t), Steve has taken to the skies with special purpose commercial UAV’s and masterminded SkyShotAirCam.

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