Construction & Civil Engineering

Approved by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Gain an aerial perspective of your project site and lead your next Construction or Civil engineering project to a success with the help of our skilled drone pilots and drones without the restrictive expense of using conventional manned aircraft.

Pre Construction Arial Photography

With the help of our skilled drone pilots/operators, we can provide services such as;

  • Aerial photos and videos during the bidding stage to help the estimator with an excellent overview of the project which may help identify features not seen from the ground
  • Get an aerial perspective of the proposed project site
  • Aerial inspections of areas that are difficult to access
  • Once construction commences, our programmable flight capabilities allow us to re-create flight patterns and return to the exact position throughout construction as often as you require to record construction progress from the same location. as well as capture final completion videos and still images

Final / Completion Arial Photography

  • We can provide a video, or still photo record of your completed project. Final record images can be used to identify future warranty issues and third party damage
  • A high definition image record of the completed project submitted with your completion documentation will provide not only a record of your work, but can be used to resolve future issues such as warranty claims or damages.

Unique Promotional Material

  • Showcase an outdoor construction project with aerial images to prospective clients
  • We can get much closer and provide more detail compared to manned aircraft.

Training Videos

Whether you want to show your operators the most productive way to load a truck, or the steps required to lay paving stones, a video shot from overhead will provide the best unobstructed perspective


As a licensed CAA drone Pilot, Aircraft fuel technician and enthusiast of all things that fly (and even some that probably shouldn’t), Steve has taken to the skies with special purpose commercial UAV’s and masterminded SkyShotAirCam.

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