Agricultural Aerial Imagery

Approved by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), we can monitor and identify issues beyond the naked eye before they develop with the use of our drones.

  • With our drones, we are able to provide:
  • Land use planning and assessment
  • Livestock monitoring
  • NDVI imaging to monitor plant health
  • Identify erosion and drainage patterns

The use of drones in agriculture around the world is increasing at a very fast pace. With our drones and skilled controllers/operators, we are able to operate in both smaller, confined sites, as well as large areas. In addition to HD digital aerial images, we provide other services related to the agricultural industry such as;

  • Re-create exact flight patterns any number of times – which is crucial in tracking temporal changes
  • Help identify insect, pest infestation and plant disease.
  • Flying our drones at a much lower altitude to produce a greater image detail
  • Lower operating cost
  • Target specific fields with our flexibility by scheduling flights as often as required
  • Due to our drones using electric motors, this in turn lowers the environmental impacts of our operations.
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As a licensed CAA drone Pilot, Aircraft fuel technician and enthusiast of all things that fly (and even some that probably shouldn’t), Steve has taken to the skies with special purpose commercial UAV’s and masterminded SkyShotAirCam.

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